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Long time

I wonder are people still remember me?
I write shortly, because I need to go soon to city

Summer is nearing completion, but here is a warm day. This summer I've had a busy and full of surprises and  currently, I live in the middle of chaos, because I moved change to Helsinki cos my school start next month. yep, back to school :D

one subject to another

today Cho Shin Sung was a comeback in Korea and it was amazing and I`m proud of the boys

Cho shin sung comeback performance M!Countdown 2010-08-19Collapse )

I'm speechless

A man fishes out several bags that contain more than 10 bodies of babies under the Gunagfuhe bridge in a village in Jining, Shandong province, on March 28, 2010. The bodies, which had started decomposing, still had tags on their legs with names, height and weight information but no hospital name. According to the local health department, these babies probably were dumped by hospitals as medical waste after dying from diseases or abortion.

21 infant bodies have been discovered under a bridge in the suburb area of Jining city of east China's Shandong province on Tuesday.

Eight of dead babies had labels attached to their feet with information saying they had been treated and declared dead in two local hospitals. No clues were found on the remaining bodies.

A police investigation is underway and the local environment authority has dispelled public worries over the river water as people fear it become polluted by the dead bodies.

I`m speechless and shock.I have read many of the nasty news from China for many years, but this...this is certainly one appalling what I've read


T.M.Revolution Imaginary Ark

I love this performance and Taka what on earth are you doing right at the beginning?

ps. I have now account in Twitter 

Fly higher for next season Simon

Individual ski jumping competitions in this regard over...This season is been amazing to Simon Ammann who won: Olympic Games, the Nordic Tournament and the overall World Cup, also won at the skiflying World Championships today. He was so happy after the competition. Gregor Schlierenzauer won silver, Norwegian Anders Jacobsen took the bronze medal from Adam Malysz in the final round. personally I wish Malysz would have been medal.


These things I would wish to tell to the next jumper:
I know,tomorrow is last competition, but I'll do this now
I believe in youCollapse )

I just read this news: Janne Ahonen continue his career at least for year!!!


We did it!!!

Just quick update but it seemed to me that here is forced to put this good news ^.^

We got first medal in Vancouver!!! Our snowboarder Peetu Piiroinen took the silver medal in the snowboarding halfpipe :3 I almost jumping over my house but lucky I remember that the clock was not even 6 a.m

Peetu Piiroinen (vas.), Yhdysvaltain Shaun White sekä Scott Lago (oik.) juhlivat mitaleitaan.
from left to right: Peetu Piiroinen, Shaun White and Scott Lago


Happy Valentine`s Day

China, are seriously?


China to scan text messages for “unhealthy” content

In the latest initiative in China's fight against pornography, mobile phone operators in Beijing and Shanghai have been told to suspend text services for cellphone users who send text messages with “illegal or unhealthy content,” state media reported on Tuesday.


moreCollapse )



CSS Six shooting star ~DREAM~

and as I promised nichiya  so I put the css links to my lj

so everybody ENJOY


CSS Six shooting star ~DREAM~ gig
CSS Backstage




Happy birthday Kim Sungje